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School Board Minutes

Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2016


Margo Wright – School Principal
Rana Lotti – Chairman
Megan Carey – Vice Chairman/Secretary
Dexter Navarro – Finance
Lisa Mathews – Public Relations
Laurie Scribner – Safety
Nick Paras – Plant
Jeffrey Padia – Member at Large


Lisa Mathews – Public Relations
Father John Greene – Pastor


Pastor’s Report

Principal’s Report

New Business

  1. Fundraisers
    • Concern shared that from parents that there are too many fundraisers running at the same time.
      • Mixed Bags and Spell-a-thon were sent out at the time
    • Suggestion to spread out fundraisers throughout the school year so as to minimize competition
      • Past finance reports show that the fundraisers (Mixed Bags and See’s Chocolate) have brought in around $7000.00
    • Board recommended to speak with different fundraiser chairperson(s) regarding their timeframe to determine best, most optimal time to roll out their program
  2. Cell Phone Policy
    • Question for clarification on school cell phone policy and social media usage.
    • Mrs. Wright shared that:
      • 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students deposit the phone in a box for the day
      • If a phone goes off in class/bag etc., Mrs. Wright confiscates it until the parent can pick it up
      • Middle Yards are cell-phone free zones
    • Mrs. Wright shared that she will be attending a social media and cell phone parent information night at St. Dunstan with police department.
    • Board discussed ways to include parent resources on how risks of social media/cell phone usage on school website

Treasurer’s Reports

Old Business

  1. How to increase awareness of school board to the school community:
    • Board suggested updating the school board page on the school website
    • Board discussed possibility of a school board email to help facilitate inquiries/questions
    • Board suggested including a memo in the Wednesday Communication directing parents to new website
    • Board is recommending the following:
      • Remove the inquiry form
      • Update the information on the school board page
      • Include a school board email directing parents to send an email with the inquiries, questions
  2. School Red & Blue pages
    • Having a way to highlight, share the different resources within the school community
    • Jeffrey Padia will work with Lisa Matthews on how this may work
    • Suggestion on how for this to be both commerce and volunteer skills-based work
    • Mrs. Wright shared that soliciting parent information could possible by included in the annual parent survey
  3. Annual School/Parent Survey
    • Mrs. Wright shared a version of the annual survey
    • Mrs. Wright is asking the board to review the questions and bring suggestions, feedback to the next meeting
    • Mrs. Wright shared that we could include soliciting parent information into the parent survey
    • Plan to send out the survey to parents in January
  4. School Safety
    • Mrs. Wright shared that she attended a safety meeting that morning
    • School has to run a drill every month
    • New safety vests have been purchased for yard duty monitors
      • Objective in purchasing the new vests was to help the yard duty monitors stand out in the crowd
        • Concern that yard duty monitors blend into the crowd
    • Mrs. Wright shared that a parent has volunteered to change the slip guards on stairs to yard
  5. School Board Christmas Dinner & End of the Year Dinner
    • Board decided to celebrate Board Christmas Dinner on December 14th at 6:30 pm at Celia’s; spouses included.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:03 pm.

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