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M.U.S.E. Covid-19 Update "Plans for Fall"

Dear St. Robert's Band Parents,

I wanted to share a message with you that is going out to all M.U.S.E. Band Parents. As you have probably heard, M.U.S.E. will be offering band this fall at St. Robert. We are looking forward to working with the students and being a part of your community. If you have any questions at any point, please feel free to contact me directly at or call 800-233-6873. I'd be glad to talk with you. You can also go to our website at

I have also created a short survey form for St. Robert parents if you would like to share some information with us and respond to some questions. The link is below.

Dear M.U.S.E. Parents,

We want to first thank our M.U.S.E Parents for all of your support this last year. It was difficult for everyone; students, parents, teachers, and administrators, to face the fact that we would no longer be able to finish the year on campus. M.U.S.E. was able to create a huge library of interactive instructional videos that helped support teachers with their online classes and students home practice. We know not everyone could participate in these classes and we completely understand the challenges parents had. It all came at us so fast and we had to make quick decisions.

In these uncertain challenging times with Covid-19, it is difficult to know exactly what the fall school year will look like. With all of this uncertainty, it is important for me, as the director of M.U.S.E., to give parents an idea of how we see the fall for our program. We have always felt that it is better to be proactive than reactive and this couldn't be a more appropriate time to be proactive. We can always make certain changes if needed but it's important to have a solid plan with a back up if necessary. We will have several options in place to be finalized and implemented once we get closer to the school start up date either online or a hybrid of online and on site part time. We are dedicated to help continue your child's music education and excitement for playing their instrument and being part of a group experience.

Unlike many other extracurricular activities, with music and technology, M.U.S.E. has been able to develop and adapt our program. This unfortunate situation has actually given us a golden opportunity to explore and create new ways to teach instruments and sustain the group band experience. Not only do we have a formula and curriculum we have developed over the last 34 years, but we now are creating new ways for our students to participate in fun events like our spring solo festival online 2020 where we had over 50 medal winners.

This fall we can continue to offer our classes online until things are safe to come back. Students will be able to work with teachers to create performance opportunities and be supported with valuable online interactive instructional videos that are easy to access.

Here are a few examples of what we can do with the students:

Roosevelt High Band Portland Oregon

St. Veronica's Band South San Francisco

These video projects will be fun and will give the students, not only the challenges they need to help motivate them, but a finished group performance they can be proud of and share with family and friends.The process of making these recordings is a new challenge and will inspire a lot of students. We will also bring in professional musicians to be a part of these performances, something we have never done before. There might also be some students who want to learn how to make these videos themselves. It is endless what new creative things can come out of all of this.

Here is another project we thought was fun by giving our M.U.S.E. students the chance to demonstrate the instruments available in the program for new students.

Here is a short example of a Trumpet Demonstration by one of our students

Setting goals for students is always important. We will continue to have our annual winter and spring concert, Honor Band, "Jump Start" sessions for new students, workshops, and summer camps either online or when possible "Live". We also feel it is important to keep the momentum going. Through the online spring classes, we were excited to see many students blossom from the individual attention and taking responsibility and ownership for their weekly lessons and practice. We invite you to check it out and join us as we adapt to this new environment.

We know there are some challenges for us in terms of making this work for everyone. We are working hard to address these issues. In the meantime, we want to give parents the opportunity to give us some feedback. I am including a link to a short 4-5 question survey that will only take a few minutes. We value your input and comments.

Questionaire Link

We look forward to another great year of making music and working with your child. We will get through these temporary measures and, once again, be together for our "live" classes and performances. I know we are ALL looking forward to that.


Bryant Allard
Director of M.U.S.E.

Fall Pre-Registration 2020

After the 4th of July holiday, we will be sending out information about preregistering for the fall which will include a discount if you opt to pay "In Full" by August 1st. We understand that some of you may be moving on, graduating from your school. We currently had to use our data base of emails for this last year to get this notice out. We apologize for this but had no other option.

We are working on our class scheduling right now and will have that up on our website as soon as we can. We are trying to leave schedules as close to what we had last year.

Bryant Allard
M.U.S.E. Instrumental Programs