Back to School

Welcome back to school!  Students should be dropped off in the lower parking lot, beginning at 7:40 a.m.  There is NO parking OR drop off on Oak Avenue.

UNIFORMS:  Saint Robert Catholic School uniforms are supplied by Simply Uniforms, at 7801 El Camino Real in Colma.  (Telephone # 650-757-5722).

Uniform requirements may be found by looking under the dress code/uniform, in the Parent/Student Handbook, and/or under the dress code/parent resources tab on the Saint Robert website.   The Handbook will be updated today or tomorrow on the website. Please make special note:

  • Shoes may be purchased at any store, as long as they follow the uniform guidelines per handbook.  Both girls and boys may wear ALLl white or ALL  black tennis shoes.  (please review handbook)
  • When buying bands, ties, or ribbons for girl’s hair, please buy plain blue, white, red or the coordinating plaid.  There should be NO large bows, feathers, sequins, or other designs/ornamentation.
  • Socks should always completely cover the ankles and be higher than the shoe.  Please buy only crew socks for boys and crew or knee socks for girls.  Socks must be all white, they may not have any logos.