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St. Robert Catholic School Dress Code

Uniforms are an integral part of the discipline in a Catholic School and help to promote school pride.

The formal school uniform for St. Robert students is as follows:


Kindergarten – 3 (optional 4th)

Grades 4 – 8

Optional Items:

Kindergarten – 8 PE Uniform (to be worn only on Tuesday and Thursday PE days)


Kindergarten – 8

Optional item

Kindergarten – 8 PE Uniform (to be worn only on Tuesday and Thursday PE days)

Please note, the uniform shorts are optional and do not replace the formal school uniform.

Uniforms are available at:

Simply Uniforms
7801 El Camino Real
Colma, 94014
Tel: (650) 757-5722

2012-2013 Polo Option for Junior High

2012-2013 Polo Option for Junior High

The optional navy blue, SR embroidered polo shirt is now available for order! Because this is a new program, only for Junior High, and we are not sure how many shirts are going to be needed, all shirts will need to be ordered, then processed as bulk orders.

Shirts will not be in stock inventory at this time. Shirts may be ordered anytime, but if you would like to have a shirt available for your child at the August 11th uniform sale at Saint Robert, please call Simply Uniforms at (650) 757-5722, before July 11th, to place your order.

Youth Small to Youth XL $20.00
Adult Small to Adult XL $22.00
Adult 2XL $25.00.

Thank You!


We expect our students to take pride in the uniforms and remember that while they are wearing the uniform, they are representing St. Robert Catholic School. It is the responsibility of each parent and student to ensure that the uniform rules described below are adhered to daily. Please make sure all uniform clothing is labeled with your child's name and current grade.

No deviation from the regulation uniform will be permitted. Violations may necessitate a parent-Principal conference, detention and/or suspension.