School Board Minutes

Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2016


Margo Wright – School Principal
Rana Lotti – Chairman
Megan Carey – Vice Chairman/Secretary
Dexter Navarro – Finance
Lisa Mathews – Public Relations
Laurie Scribner – Safety
Nick Paras – Plant
Jeffrey Padia – Member at Large


Lisa Mathews – Public Relations
Father John Greene – Pastor


  • Mrs. Wright led the board in an opening prayer
  • Rana Lotti led the group in an ice breaker

Pastor’s Report

  • No report was given in Father Greene’s absence
  • Mrs. Wright gave a brief update on the installation of the new organ
    • New pipes were needed
    • The pipes that were ordered had trouble clearing customs due to packaging

Principal’s Report

  • Next week is Red Ribbon Week
    • Every day has a special theme
  • Halloween is on a Monday
    • Second year of new parade schedule
    • Ms. Wright will work with 8th graders on slowing down parade based on parent feedback from last year
  • Parent-teacher conference scheduled to start in November
    • Fall conferences are mandatory
    • Spring conference are not mandatory
  • Mollie Stones reached out to St. Roberts with a $1000 donation to celebrate their 30 year anniversary
    • Money was used to update fire alarm in Mahoney Room, cost of repair was approximately $700
    • Recently learned that the fire alarm in Mahoney Room doesn’t notify the fire department or security company so it will need to be updated according to code.

New Business

  1. Fundraisers
    • Concern shared that from parents that there are too many fundraisers running at the same time.
      • Mixed Bags and Spell-a-thon were sent out at the time
    • Suggestion to spread out fundraisers throughout the school year so as to minimize competition
      • Past finance reports show that the fundraisers (Mixed Bags and See’s Chocolate) have brought in around $7000.00
    • Board recommended to speak with different fundraiser chairperson(s) regarding their timeframe to determine best, most optimal time to roll out their program
  2. Cell Phone Policy
    • Question for clarification on school cell phone policy and social media usage.
    • Mrs. Wright shared that:
      • 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students deposit the phone in a box for the day
      • If a phone goes off in class/bag etc., Mrs. Wright confiscates it until the parent can pick it up
      • Middle Yards are cell-phone free zones
    • Mrs. Wright shared that she will be attending a social media and cell phone parent information night at St. Dunstan with police department.
    • Board discussed ways to include parent resources on how risks of social media/cell phone usage on school website

Treasurer’s Reports

  • 1st quarter report was shared
  • Festival returns have not been released yet

Old Business

  1. How to increase awareness of school board to the school community:
    • Board suggested updating the school board page on the school website
    • Board discussed possibility of a school board email to help facilitate inquiries/questions
    • Board suggested including a memo in the Wednesday Communication directing parents to new website
    • Board is recommending the following:
      • Remove the inquiry form
      • Update the information on the school board page
      • Include a school board email directing parents to send an email with the inquiries, questions
  2. School Red & Blue pages
    • Having a way to highlight, share the different resources within the school community
    • Jeffrey Padia will work with Lisa Matthews on how this may work
    • Suggestion on how for this to be both commerce and volunteer skills-based work
    • Mrs. Wright shared that soliciting parent information could possible by included in the annual parent survey
  3. Annual School/Parent Survey
    • Mrs. Wright shared a version of the annual survey
    • Mrs. Wright is asking the board to review the questions and bring suggestions, feedback to the next meeting
    • Mrs. Wright shared that we could include soliciting parent information into the parent survey
    • Plan to send out the survey to parents in January
  4. School Safety
    • Mrs. Wright shared that she attended a safety meeting that morning
    • School has to run a drill every month
    • New safety vests have been purchased for yard duty monitors
      • Objective in purchasing the new vests was to help the yard duty monitors stand out in the crowd
        • Concern that yard duty monitors blend into the crowd
    • Mrs. Wright shared that a parent has volunteered to change the slip guards on stairs to yard
  5. School Board Christmas Dinner & End of the Year Dinner
    • Board decided to celebrate Board Christmas Dinner on December 14th at 6:30 pm at Celia’s; spouses included.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:03 pm.

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