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Meeting Minutes – March 19th

Meeting began at 7:08pm in the Faculty Lounge of the School.


Fr. John Greene, Margo Wright, Stephan Marshall, Jeffrey Padia, David O’Brien,  Lisa Matthews, Karen Martinez, Trudy Mar, Lisa Bibat

Meeting began with prayer led by Margo Wright.

Principal’s Report

The school has thirty-six students for Kindergarten, with eight on the waiting list. Registration will go out after the dinner dance to be filled out over Easter break.

Security gate is a go ahead. Margo is pulling the permit with the City.

The In-Betweeners will be putting on a CPR class. Father Green is trying to put the class together and get approval from the SFFD to have one of their firemen teach the class. Talked with the Fire Chief’s office and is waiting on approval of the firefighter’s time for the class.

A defibrillator is on order will be here tomorrow and will be placed in Hennesey Hall. The Board wanted to know if there is a liability to having one at the school? Most likely it will not. The defibrillator is self-determining in that it will not work on someone who does not need it. St Ignatius has four defibrillators and San Bruno Park has two. There will be a class on how to use it for the faculty and staff.

Pastor’s report

Father Green spoke about the Archdiocese situation with the new Archbishop being very conservative. The Archbishop’s view of the morality clause in the teacher’s contract, which refers to the teachers as ministers, is not going over well with the teachers. It’s a union issue. The new contract has not been signed. San Francisco is still working on the contract, but feelings have been hurt. It’s a very difficult time for the Archdiocese. SF schools are shrinking; we’ll see what happens. Star of the Sea has tried to implement the clause at their school. As a note, the children of St Robert’s are 97% Catholic.

Old Business  

St Robert’s Group Leadership

Mr. Marshall has complied a list of the leadership for most of the St Robert’s groups. He will bring the list to next month’s meeting.

School Marketing

Mrs. Mathews has updated the school’s marketing brochure and she will be sending it to Stephen Marshall to have his marketing person give the layout some revisions. The brochure is also in need of updated photos. The Board will review the revised brochure at next month’s meeting.

New Business

School Budget

Next year’s school budget was reviewed and unanimously approved by the Board.


Mrs. Wright will send an email to the Board with the WASC Chapters to be reviewed. Chapter 2 is complete and chapter 3 is in the works.

Financial Summary

Mr. O’Brien reviewed the finance report for the year to date. The finances are in order and on track for the fiscal year.


Emails were received regarding the following: alcohol and drug education; potential ski week for St Robert’s students; uncleanliness of the walls and the bar in Hennesssy Hall. The Board was out of time and agreed to move these topics to next month’s meeting.


Drug and Alcohol Education

Mr. Portoan (a local police officer) has offered to do a class for the student’s in the first part of May. The class will cover cyber bulling and then drugs and alcohol. Mr. Marshall felt that StarVista would offer a different approach from the police officer. The Board agreed that having both points of view would be helpful. Mrs. Wright was concerned because last year’s class did not interact as well as hoped and she would like to make the class more interesting. The idea of creating a committee to oversee the drug and alcohol education was brought up. Mr. Marshall will look into developing a committee for next year’s class. Peer counseling has been a success at other locations where personal life experiences are shared. Junior high is a good place to start this program.

School Board Openings

Mrs. Martinez and Mrs. Mar will be retiring from the Board at the end of this school year. Mrs. Wright will post in the Wednesday bulletin that those interested in being on the board are to submit letters to the Board.


The Board will be reviewing the Script program for its effectiveness.


Stephan Marshall—Chairman

Jeffrey Padia—Vice Chairman/Secretary

David O’Brien—Finance

Karen Martinez—Scrip

Lisa Mathews—Public Relations

Lisa Bibat—Safety

Trudy Mar—Member at Large


Meeting adjorned at 8:40 pm.


Next meeting is on April 16th at 7:00pm in the Faculty Lounge at school.


Current School Board Minutes  School Board Minutes Archive