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Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2015

Meeting began at 7:07pm in the Faculty Lounge of the School.


Father John Greene – Pastor of St. Robert’s, Margo Wright – School Principal, Stephan Marshall – Chairman, Jeffrey Padia – Vice Chairman/Secretary, David O’Brien – Finance, Lisa Mathews – Public Relations, Karen Martinez – Scrip, Lisa Bibat – Safety

Call to Order
Mr. Marshall called the meeting to order and Lisa Bibat led the Board in prayer.

Principal’s Report
The registrations for next year are due tomorrow. There will be painting going on over the summer. The posts have been installed for the new gate that will be installed over the summer. The fabricator is working out nicely. Window repairs and painting will be done over the summer as well.

Pastor’s report

There was a full-page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle asking for the Pope to replace the Archbishop. Not sure how that’s going to work. The Archbishop is in negotiations with the teachers. It is a difficult time for the lay people and priests of the Archdiocese.

Father Michael was on sick leave and will be on sick leave again. He might not be able to come back to the church. Father Stewart has offered to take on another mass. Because of Father Michael’s absence, not all of the students were able to make their contrition, and that’s not fair to the students. We pray for Father Michael’s recovery.

Father Green and Mrs. Wright have been working on choosing a leader for this year’s festival.

Old Business  

St Robert’s Group Leadership
Stephan has pulled the list of groups together (see end of this report). The Board will review and update the list as necessary. The Parish Council will be in flux next year. The Parish Council did not meet very often prior to Father Green coming to St. Roberts. The Principal and Pastor are non-voting members of the parish board.

School Marketing
Lisa Matthew’s reached out to Stephan to have his marketing person to have her revise the layout. She will email the revised copy to the board once it comes back to her.


New Business

School Budget
Next year’s school budget was reviewed and unanimously approved by the Board.

Mrs. Wright will send an email to the Board with the WASC Chapters to be reviewed. Chapter 2 is complete and chapter 3 is in the works.

Financial Summary
Mr. O’Brien reviewed the finance report for the year to date. The finances are in order and on track for the fiscal year.

Emails were received regarding the following: alcohol and drug education; potential ski week for St Robert’s students; uncleanliness of the walls and the bar in Hennessy Hall. The Board was out of time and agreed to move these topics to the next meeting.



Drug and Alcohol Education
Stephen is still working on the pulling this together drug education for junior high.

School Board Openings
The Board received four applications for the two board openings. The Board discussed and voted on the four submittals. Karen Martinez motioned to approve one as new member, the Board approved. Karen Martinez Motioned to approve another, the Board approved. The Board discussed the protocol for informing the new members. Stephan Marshall will contact the new members directly.

David O’Brian is leaving the board. Father Green and Mrs. Wright are trying to recruit someone to replace him.

Technology Changes
Michael Garcia has been hired to head up Technology for St Roberts. He was able to get Hitachi Smart Boards donated to the school. He will be teaching computers to grades 4-8. Ms. Bartolotti will be teaching K-3rd. 

Margo has hired an outside person (Irene O’Connell ) to oversee pulling and finessing the WASC booklet. The Board will be asked to review the chapters as they come together. The chapters go through many reviews among the teachers and outside council. Most of the Board has reviewed the chapters that were previously sent. 

Personnel Changes
Mrs. Romero will be leaving the school. She is getting her Masters and looking to join the public school system using her background in Literacy.  Her replacement is Sara Killeen, who taught at Star of The Sea.  She has been a sub for us most of the year and will be a great addition to the staff. 

Political Liaison Report
Lisa Mathews was asked by Margo Wright to be the schools Political Liaison. The Archdiocese has a school board that meets once a month. Yearly, they convene a Catholic legislative conference to review new state legislation and determine if the Archdiocese’s should develop a political opinion and share that opinion with the members of the Archdiocese. Margo thinks that the Board should sign up for the conference and then pass on information to the school that we deem. Lisa will send out the sign up link to the board members.

The Board will be reviewing the Script program for its effectiveness.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm. The next meeting Will be on Wednesday, May 20th at  Bertolucci’s at 6:30 PM.


Parish Group Leadership


Pastoral Council

Father John Greene

Michael Salvato

Una Uniacke

Sasa Puebauer

Carol Bonnor

Rico Medina

Richard Rolfes


Men’s Club

President: Rico Medina

Vice President: George Lynch

Treasurer: Jim Brown

Secretary: Bart Murphy


Women’s Guild

Advisor: Yvette Martinez

Recording Secretary: Claire Salih

Treasurer / Auditor: Sandra Salazar

Corresponding Secretary: Kathleen Butler

Historian: Annette Fuero-Padia

Spiritual Advisor: Ginny Godfrey


Women’s Guild Advisory Committee

Kim Ibarra

Bridget Callaco

Jenny Spataro

Linda Boyd

Annastasia Faulhaber

Erica Madrigal

Alexis Shaughnessy

Deanne Sevigny


Athletic Board

Athletic Director: Matt Butler

Assistant Athletic Director: Steve Hoff

Baseball Co-Commissioner: Rachelle Henley

Baseball Co-Commissioner:  Dan Uroz

Girl’s Basketball Co-Commissioner: Laura Davis

Girl’s Basketball Co-Commissioner: Anne O’Donoghue

Boy’s Basketball Co-Commissioner: Dante Venturi

Boy’s Basketball Co-Commissioner: Nick Paras

Track Commissioner: Kai Holloway

Volleyball Co-Commissioner: Carol Cory

Volleyball Co-Commissioner: Noreen Hanlon

Cheerleading Commissioner: Christina Gaines

Commissioner at Large: Anne Marie Philpott

Athletic Board Treasurer: John Marty

Athletic Board Secretary: Karen Martinez

Athletic Board Facilities Coordinator: Brian Verna

Equipment / Uniform Coordinator: Matt Toomey

Religious Education Representative: Joanne Bartolotti

Women’s Guild Representative: (none)

Men’s Club Representative: Matt Gaines



George Lynch

Candie Whooley

Rob Aveson

Carol Quigley

Carol Bonner

Mike Salvato

Ross Smiley

Current School Board Minutes  School Board Minutes Archive