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Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2015

Meeting began at 6:30 pm in the Faculty Lounge of the School.


Margo Wright – School Principal, Stephan Marshall – Chairman, Jeffrey Padia – Vice Chairman/Secretary, Lisa Mathews – Public Relations, Rana Lotti – Member at Large, Lisa Bibat – Safety

Guest: Mrs. Rose (a first grade parent) – Sat in attendance


Father John Greene – Pastor of St. Robert’s, Dexter Navarro – Finance, Nick Parras – Member at Large

Call to Order
Mr. Marshall called the meeting to order and Margo Wright led the Board in prayer.

Principal’s Report

Margot Wright spoke about our mission statement and philosophy. The children of the school are excited about the Pope coming to the United States.

WCEA/WASC Accreditation visit will be February 9, 10 & 11, 2016. The School Board is tasked with asking their kids what R.E.A.L. Kids are to determine if the school is getting that information out.

Catholic identity and teaching are bog deals with the accreditation board.

Margo Wright handed out the year-end financials for the school. The school ended up in the positive by $186,000. That means another deposit to the school savings account. The savings goal for the school is $950,000. This is separate from the endowment money, which cannot be touched. She has also received estimates to fix the back doors of the cafeteria for $2,400. The San Bruno Fire Department has cited by the school for not having proper ventilation for the cafeteria range hood. The hood has to be repaired and the ventilation cleaned out. The school has had some financial hits early in the new school year.

Fourth grade teacher is out due to an accident. Mrs. Gurtiza has offered to stay a little while longer because she has fallen for the students.

Our self-study is an on-going process that Mrs. Wright spoke about at back to school night. The school will need to show evidence of our past history for the past 5 years. She handed out the “Improving Student Learning”  self study book for the board to review by the next meeting.

Pastor’s report

Father Green was absent, however, Margo Wright spoke about Father Greene being excited about the new pipe organ that has come about via a generous donation from a parishioner. The new organ will be here soon.

Old Business  

School Marketing

Lisa Mathew’s will email out the school marketing brochure by September 23rd to Jeffrey Padia for design. Lisa mentioned that we might want to add new photos to the brochure. She will contact Stephanie Mullen regarding new photos of children at school. The finished brochure is due to Margo Wright in early October.

New Business

8th Grade Community Services Hours

Students need social justice hours to help in their personal development. Mrs. Wright asked for any suggestion for what the student’s might do for services hours.

Election of this year’s officers

Mrs. Wright handed out the by-laws for election of new officers. Script is no longer a school board membership. Mr. Marshall asked if anyone was not able to do his or her current duties, no one answered in the affirmative. Lisa Bibat would like to expand her roll as Safety/Traffic monitor.

Stephan suggested that the Board members maintain their positions for a two-year, the board agreed with this idea and will continue the discussion when Father Greene returns. Board members are limited to two consecutive three-year terms. Lisa Matthew’s motioned to keep the board as it is currently; her motion was seconded by Lisa Bibat and then agreed to by the board.


Emails were received regarding the following: alcohol and drug education; potential ski week for St Robert’s students; uncleanliness of the walls and the bar in Hennessy Hall. The Board was out of time and agreed to move these topics to the next meeting.

Ski Week

There were two emails regarding a potential Ski Week for the school. The board discussed the calendar school year and how the start dates are determined. Rana Lotti has offered to reach out to Reuben Halili regarding his evaluation of the days of the school year. She also suggested sending out a survey to the parents of the school, the board was in agreement with her.


Drug and Alcohol Education

Stephan is still working on getting an educator for drug and alcohol education. He will provide contact information to Margo Wright for her to do some research about what the classes might entail.

Political Liaison Report

Lisa Mathews was asked by Margo Wright to be the schools Political Liaison. She attended the archdiocese meeting and was the only non-principal. Lisa will send out the sign up link for the archdiocese meeting to the board members.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Current School Board Minutes  School Board Minutes Archive