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October 15, 2015

Meeting began at 6:30 pm in the Faculty Lounge of the School.


Margo Wright – School Principal, Stephan Marshall – Chairman, Dexter Navarro – Finance, J Lisa Mathews – Public Relations, Rana Lotti – Member at Large, Nick Parras – Member at Large


Father John Greene – Pastor of St. Robert’s, Jeffrey Padia – Vice Chairman/Secretary, Lisa Bibat – Safety

Call to Order
Mr. Marshall called the meeting to order and Margo Wright led the Board in prayer.

Pastor’s Report

  • No pastor’s report.
  • Fr. Greene returned from vacation on October 7th.  He received a large welcome back banner signed by all Saint Roberts students.

Principal’s Report

  • Board member roles:  Given last year was the first time members were in their officer roles, they will continue in their roles this school year and new members will be members at large.  Next year, the roles can change.


  • WASC Visit (Feb. 9-11, 2016):  There will be a pre-visit in January by WASC members (3 of 6 members are school principals, 3 males 3 females).  Agenda:
    • School tour to be led by Student Council members.
    • Review February visit schedule.
    • Determine nights to meet with school parents (School Board Members).  At these meetings, parents will be asked about SLEs – R.E.A.L. Kids, how SLEs are applied in school and about the school’s Catholic identity.
    • All school stakeholders (pastor, principal, teachers, staff, school board members) are to review the Self Study sections previously distributed.
    • Next board meeting (Margo): discuss action plans in preparation for WASC visit.
  • Key changes in education plan this year: technology, and introduction of English Language Art Common Core Standards.


  • Festival:  Final financial figures will not be available for a couple of months.


  • School Outreach activities:
    • October is the month of the rosary – Margo prays Pope Francis’s World Rosary with each grade.
    • 10/16: World Food Day canned food drive sponsored by 7th Grade.
    • November: book drive for Saint Vincent de Paul sponsored by 8th Grade.
    • December: Jeans for Jesus – bring in money for denim/free dress day for Mission Childhood Association.
    • December/January: Coat Drive sponsored by 2nd Grade.

Old Business  

  • Marketing Brochure Review (Lisa Mathews)
    • Marketing brochure is handed out at Kindergarten tours and available at the church foyer.  They will be given at the WASC visits as well.
    • Copy (Lisa):  Most of the copy in the previous version was well done and kept for the new version.  Fax number and email address needs to be confirmed.  On the front cover change “St.” to “Saint” and keep as “St.” everywhere else in the brochure.
    • Imagery (Lisa/Jeff): To be consistent with other sections, include a cross logo for the Religion section.  Modify color contrast of new SR logo to improve discoverability.
    • Reproduction (Stephan): After brochure updates are made, 200 copies will be made to meet at least 2 years of distribution.


  • Alcohol/Drug Education –
    • Current school awareness program consists of a local police officer visiting two days around April/May: one day to discuss drug/alcohol awareness and another day to discuss Internet safety.
    • Margo and the school board are considering using the Being Adept organization either later this school year or next school year to discuss drug and alcohol awareness to the junior high students. This is a non-profit organization based in Marin.  College students are trained to facilitate sessions about drug and alcohol awareness/prevention rather than intervention primarily targeted to 7th-8th graders and their parents. Their 5-week program costs $5,000.
    • Board members are encouraged to review their website.
    • Margo to obtain more information about the program, share the school’s needs and discuss possibility of tailoring the program for the school.


  • Ski-Week:
    • Rana shared an analysis of Saint Dunstan’s (SD) school calendar with “Mid-Winter” a.k.a. Ski-Week and Saint Robert’s (SR) school calendar.  Key findings:
      • SD Ski-Week is held in addition to the faculty days off.  To meet the 180 school day minimum, SD extends the end of their school year 1 additional week in June.
      • Excluding holidays, SR has 21 non-school days throughout the school year.
    • Teachers generally prefer not to introduce another set of days off during winter months.  After each break (long Christmas Break, president’s holidays, and Easter Breaks) teachers have to get students back into the school mindset, affecting the amount of lesson plans covered.
    • Next steps:
      • The second weekend in February will be an extended weekend Feb. 12-15.   Margo to update the calendar to refer to weekend as “Ski” weekend to see what reaction we receive from the school community.
      • Survey to be distributed after February WASC visit to the school community to learn whether families are receptive to adding more days off during the school year.

New Business

  • Decline in summer school enrollment (Margo)
    • Over the past years, there has been a steady decline from 99 students down to 60 students enrolled this past summer.  Of the 60 students, 40 students were from Saint Robert’s and 20 students were from outside Saint Robert’s.  Of the 20, 13 were from Saint Veronica’s  (Saint Veronica’s is planning to open their own summer school in the future).  Last summer’s net profit was ~$6000.
    • In previous years, the Saint Robert’s summer program consisted of more activities such as fieldtrips.  However, in recent years the program has been more academic based.  It previously allowed students up to incoming 6th grade, but due to enrollment decline, now allow up to incoming 5th grade.  A majority of students enrolled are in the younger grades.
    • There are many summer programs available for families to choose from:
      • San Bruno Park and Rec Summer Program is growing and very successful.
      • High schools are offering summer programs to students as young as 6th grade.
      • Various specific interest programs – Lego building, photography, etc.
    • What should we do with the Saint Robert’s summer program?  Keep?  If so scale down, or modify?


  • Safety: Accident on Oak Avenue – what can be done to more broadly communicate morning drop-off rules?  What measures can we take to reduce risk of injury during the morning?

Treasurer’s Report:

  • The school P&L reflects reasonable financial health.  Forecasted expenses, such as purchase of instructional materials, not yet been incurred or recorded as of September end.


  • As we discussed last year, beginning next school year, Kindergarten will be full day like Grades 1-8.  Saint Robert’s is the last school in our Archdiocesan Pac I to adopt the Kindergarten full day schedule.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Current School Board Minutes  School Board Minutes Archive