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November 19, 2015

Meeting began at 6:35 pm in the Faculty Lounge of the School.

Father John Greene – Pastor of St. Robert’s, Margo Wright – School Principal, Stephan Marshall – Chairman, Jeffrey Padia – Vice Chairman/Secretary, Dexter Navarro – Finance,  Lisa Mathews – Public Relations, Lisa Bibat – Safety, Rana Lotti – Member at Large

Nick Parras – Member at Large

Call to Order
Mr. Marshall called the meeting to order and Lisa Bibat led the Board in prayer.

Pastor’s Report

  • Parish festival
    • Income is distributed 60% – parish/40% – school
    • This year, the school will receive $30,000, of which $13,000 will be reserved for next year.  The parish received $40,000.  The total net income this year was lower than last year due to tent expenditure.
    • Final festival finance figures to be shared with the board.
  • Property maintenance:
    • Permit received to begin work replacing the sidewalk in front of the church.


Principal’s Report

  • Parent/Teacher Conference:
    • Currently, there are 5 half-days to accommodate 15min. conferences in the afternoon.  During a conference, the teacher will go through the student’s IOWA score, discuss how the student is performing, and address any questions or concerns the parent/s have.  Sign-ups are done via Sign-Up Genius.
    • Under consideration: change to two full days of mandatory conferences in the fall (e.g. Friday 11/11/16 and Monday 11/14/16 next year) and one non-mandatory full day of conferences during the spring.  Consider extending the conference length to 20 minutes.
    • Change to conference setup to be brought up with school staff next Monday 11/23/15.
  • IOWA Testing Results:
    • Overall, all Saint Robert scores are above the national average
      • Scores are exceptionally above grade level in writing convention (punctuation, complete thought, etc.)
      • Scores are generally low in listening
      • Scores in computation are at or a little above the national average
    • IOWA tests are taken by schools (public/parochial) nationally
    • The results for the school by grade are compared to other schools that have taken the test around the same time (first half) of the school year.
  • Future School Testing:
    • This will be the last year the Diocese will be taking the IOWA test.  Beginning next year, computer based testing with focus on reading and math will be conducted multiple (3-4) times throughout the school year.  This provides more data sets to inform student performance.


Old Business

  • Marketing Brochure:
    • Design finalized – many thanks to Jeff and Lisa M. for their teamwork
    • Final file to be sent to Stephan whose assistant will perform some image touch-ups prior to printing.  200 copies will be made and available for December tours.
  • Kindergarten Applications:
    • 12 tours have been given to date
    • 14 siblings signed up, 19 last year and 24 two years before
    • Testing for siblings to begin in early January with plans to complete the application process by end January prior to the WASC visit in February.
  • Being Adept: Drug & Alcohol Education:
    • Stephan will continue to connect with the director and work towards a proposal to present for next year.
  • How to improve safety along Oak Avenue during morning drop-off: Ideas Considered
    • Bring up at Back to School night the no left turn on to parking lot rule
    • Have an adult volunteer monitor the turn on to Oak Avenue for the first 2 weeks of the school year.  In previous years, there were volunteers monitoring Oak Ave.
    • Consider placing signage by the driveway
  • How to address declining enrollment for summer school:
    • St. Veronica is not sure if they would be able to start their own summer school this summer.  A high number of summer school enrollments came from St. Veronica’s.  All Souls may also be considering summer school.  However, there was only small number of enrollments from them.
    • Currently summer’s enrollment is grades 1-5 with a individual class for grades 1-3 and a combined 4/5 grade class.
    • Summer school will start after one week, or the following Monday of when the regular school year ends.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Report is formatted to show current month Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement in comparison to Year to Date P&L statement.
  • Income: This month’s income is tracking to budget
  • Expenditures:
    • Personnel Costs: higher than budgeted due to non-staff in 4th Grade.  Mrs. SIgilo is scheduled to return December 1st.
    • Student Activities: 8th CYO retreat recorded.  Line item to normalize in the coming month.
    • Property Costs: Maintenance work to fix the cafeteria stove
  • Not reflected in the P&L:
    • The school has a healthy savings account and is fully self-sufficient due to fundraisers and full enrollment.
    • The school also has an endowment fund that cannot be touched and is instead being invested.


  • 12/17 School board Christmas party – To be confirmed at Celia’s at 6pm.  Spouses are welcome.


Meeting adjourned at 8:18 pm.

Current School Board Minutes  School Board Minutes Archive