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January 20, 2016

Meeting began at 6:35 pm in the Faculty Lounge of the School.


Nick Parras – Member at Large
Lisa Mathews – Public Relations

Call to Order
Mr. Marshall called the meeting to order and Margo Wright led the Board in prayer.

Pastor’s Report

  • New Pipe Organ - City of San Bruno has never dealt with a pipe organ so the process is going slow. The oragn is about a month delayed.
  • First reconciliation and first holy communion dates will be released in the next couple of days.
  • Some leaks in the school, making sure things are repaired. JP to give MW the name of his roofer. (Century Roofing & Solar – 888.233.7548)

Principal’s Report

  • High School Applications: All applications are out, the schools include D-Tech, Link Wilmerding, SI, Riordan, Marcy Burlingame, etc.
  • Kindergarten testing is underway. Sibling testing is completed and more testing to be done. 14 siblings this year so there are 22 openings for new students.
  • KidStock show tomorrow night
  • Maintenance – What parts of the building to paint? Leaks in 4th grade ceiling. Roof had been repaired but is leaking again. New quote to fix roof tomorrow. Leak at Teacher Lounge will be repaired soon, testing to make sure there is no rot. Changed out the burners on the stove and move the pipes from behind the stove, MW to contact Atlas Plumbing for price. Batteries for the lights in the hall have been replaced for $900.
  • Technology – Knowing Technologies is suggesting Cat 6 cable for the future. The wiring is ok for now but will need to be replaced in the future. Moving to STAR testing, which will be three times a year and all is done on computers, so we need more pipe. There might be a donation for 6,000 feet of CAT 6 cable. The cost for the rewiring is about $20,000. Need to add 30-40 new computers. Mr. Firpo from San Bruno Cable will come out to help evaluate the current situation. JP suggested Mark Carbone could suggest microwave communication systems to replace the CAT 5. MW is working to get information from parents in the school who work in tech to help guide the school with technology decisions.
  • Under consideration: change to two full days of mandatory conferences in the fall (e.g. Friday 11/11/16 and Monday 11/14/16 next year) and one non-mandatory full day of conferences during the spring.  Consider extending the conference length to 20 minutes.
  • Change to conference setup to be brought up with school staff next Monday 11/23/15. Was taken back to the teachers and they liked it. Now they will apply to the Archdioceses for approval. STAR testing date will need to be reviewed prior to determining if this will work. The teachers didn’t feel that the second meeting should not be mandatory. Teacher /Parent meeting happen here all of the time. The board agrees the second meeting should not be mandatory.
  • WASC meeting on February 9th at 6:30 in the Mahoney Room. 6 parents plus the school board will be in attendance. They will ask us about the “R.E.A.L.” kids. Is there a Catholic Identity at the school? Is there maintenance going on? Have you seen any changes in the school? Margo explained the book to us.


Old Business

  • How to address declining enrollment for summer-school:
    • St. Veronica is not sure if they would be able to start their own summer school this summer.  A high number of summer school enrollments came from St. Veronica’s.  All Souls may also be considering summer school.  However, there was only small number of enrollments from them.
    • Currently considering reducing this summer’s enrollment to incoming grades 1-5 with a individual class for grades 1-3 and a combined 4/5 grade class.
    • Summer school will start after one week the regular school year ends.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Income: This month’s income is tracking to budget
  • Father Green has concerns about summers school remaining profitable. If the program starts loosing money, the program will have to cease. The board discussed the future of the program. Enrollment will determine the future of the program. The program is about 10 years old.



Meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Next meeting Feb 18 at 6:30

Current School Board Minutes  School Board Minutes Archive