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April 21, 2016

Meeting began at 6:35 pm in the Faculty Lounge of the School.

Father John Greene – Pastor Of St. Robert’s, Margo Wright – School Principal, Stephan Marshall – Chairman, Jeffrey Padia – Vice Chairman/Secretary, Dexter Navarro – Finance, Rana Lotti – Member At Large, Nick Parras – Member At Large, Lisa Mathews – Public Relations

Lisa Bibat – Safety

Call to Order

Mr. Marshall called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm and Margo Wright led the Board in prayer.

Pastor’s Report

New Info: Signed contract for painting of the school. The archdiocese has approved it. Father Greene asked for two coats not just one. Wants the job to be the most lasting paint job that we can get. The color will be the same or close to same.

?New priest and assistant pastor is not happening. St Pius is going to take over another parish, St Mathias. Cannot spare another priest. Won’t be having more help any time soon.

First communion this weekend both SR and CCD. Had the kids pre-­?taste the bread and the wine to make them more comfortable and ensure that they won’t spit out the wine due to not tasting good.


New painting is happening over the summer. Just painting the wall, not the windows.

?The palm tree by Kindergarten is in need of a trim.

Nonnie’s pizza is paying for some stencils on the playground for the kids to play with. It will also help develop motor skills. Fix the football field on the middle yard. Adding hopscotch. Middle yard will have a large USA map.

Michael Pritchard will be coming to teach kids about self-­?esteem. His fee is $500.

IOWA Testing is being replaced. STAR testing will be done on-­?line. Instant answers. It will be 3 times a year, not once a year. Starts in September and then in January and March. September will set a bench mark and then see improvements through March.

The school will be splitting up the parent teacher conference next year. It will be the first time they do this.

Working with a company to upgrade the internet connection. Has a quote but is looking for a better quote from them. Need to upgrade to CAT6. Update to a 3 tier system: one for guest, one for students, one for teachers. Adding 10 more computers this year.

Can parents get access to the STAR testing because the testing is on line? The results will be shown to the parents at their parent/teacher conferences. Cornerstone is available to parents starting in the 4th grade, not before.


  • Drug Information
    • Drug Education: Being Adept. Stephan Marshall spoke with the president and was impressed. 4-­?5 monthly classes. They take the kids out for 50 minutes and would include 6th, 7th and 8th grades in simultaneous classes. Taught by young adults. Separate classes are available for the parents. $5,000 is the cost of the service. The president can come to meet with the board. Most of their clients are private schools. Currently we have one SSF police officer come twice a year to speak about drugs, bullying, etc. Stephan Marshall will check with Being Adept to see when they can visit and he will check on their references. Who will pay for this. Stephan Marshall says he can raise the money to pay for the classes, at least half. What about parents who don’t want their children to partake. Current classes are not optional.


Student Enrollment: Are all of the students returning? One opening so far in primary. 5th grade is our lowest population class of 31 or 32. St Mary’s is closing in SF. The archdiocese is hoping to push them to the top of any waiting list.

Board Openings: Stephen Marshall and Lisa Bibet have termed out. The board reviewed two applicants for the open positions. Jeffrey Padia recommended accepting them to the board. The board agreed and Meagen Carey & Lori Scribner were accepted to the board.

Tech Update: All of the teacher will be getting little Bluetooth speakers for their class rooms so they have less cables and wires in the classroom. 6th grade has an apple TV so the teacher can walk around the classroom using her iPad. Most used in the class are document cameras. In the future the school won’t need new overhead projectors-­? everyone is excited.

The current set of iPad devices are 5 years old. Have ordered a charging station that will hold all of the iPads and is also a cart to move them around.  Osmo the app is in use now in kindergarten and first grade.

End of the year gathering: Where shall we go for dinner. Last year was at Burtolucci’s. The other good one is Buon Gusto. Puerto 27 in Pacifica is #1 choice. Sporro Italiano is the second choice. May 18th is the date. Spouses included.

Visibility on fundraising. Donut sales go to paying for the chaperones at 6th grade retreat/outdoor ED. There is an account that they save money for the event. They are now charging us for the bus.

How do we solicit questions from the parents? Any emails should be sent to the president or Margo to bring the topic up at the next meeting.

CornerStone to School Speak. School Speak is part of the STAR testing system.


  • Increase in payments due to repairs.Sent $75,000 to Archdiocese savings account. $900,000 in the account$1,000 gift was given to make repairs in the kitchen.


Meeting adjourned at 7:56 pm.

Next meeting May 18th, 2016 at 6:30 at Puerto 27th

Current School Board Minutes  School Board Minutes Archive