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Meeting Minutes — September 22, 2016


Margo Wright – School Principal
Rana Lotti – Chairman
Megan Carey – Vice Chairman/Secretary
Dexter Navarro – Finance
Lisa Mathews – Public Relations
Laurie Scribner – Safety
Nick Paras – Plant
Jeffrey Padia – Member at Large


Father John Greene – Pastor

Call to Order and Prayer

Margo Wright lead the Board in prayer and called the meeting to order at 6:35pm.

Review of current events

  • Mrs. Wright spoke about Dwayne Kilgore being arrested and his history at St Robert’s. Not clear when he did work at SR but it would have been in the 1970’s. The board suggested she consult with the Archdiocese on what to email to the parents.
  • The board is an advisory committee and we do not make policy. We advise Margo on how the board, as parents and parishioners, would proceed on topics. Then we reviewed the Board’s By Laws.
  • Members brought up how to present the school board to the general public of the school? Some thoughts were: First night of the Festival, back to school night, should we sponsor a booth at the festival.
  • Assignment of Officers. Margo reviewed all of the offices that are to be filled. The selections were as shown above.
  • The board wants to sell spirit gear at the festival next year.

Principal’s Report

  • Finished the first round of testing before the due date. Brigit Lopez has been running reports with the new software. The test results are good. This is however our first STAR report so we will need to see what the next report shows. The STAR test did confirm that the kids who the teachers thought needed help actually do need the help. Very happy with the STAR tests to date.
  • The school looking at “New” No Bully programs to replace “The Character Network” program we’ve had for the past 4 years. The plan would be to get the junior high kids involved in being role models for the younger kids. She has been looking into no bullying services. The plan that was reviewed costs $10,500, the search will continue.
  • Stephen Marshall was key in getting the Being Adept drug and alcohol education program started at SR which will be implemented here this year. Stephen and Haydee Marshall paid for half of the cost of the program – $2,000.

New Business

  • Red & Blue Pages for parents of the school. Board members discussed creating a Red & Blue Pages brochure where parents and parishioners can lists their occupations/services. This would encourage business activities among the SR community, allowing people to call on people they know and trust for needed services.
  • How can we improve the festival? The board wants to sell spirit gear. The SR Choir and student bands should perform as well as local community arts programs.
  • Send out information regarding banner sales in May so people can get their names on banners early.
  • Sweats verses pants controversy. The concern parents have over their children not being allowed to wear sweatpants any longer was put to rest by Mrs Wright. She stated that children play at recess every day in their regular uniforms and have no problem exerting themselves, most often more than they do at PE, and that their clothes hold us just fine. The no sweatpants rule was implemented due to students wearing clothing that was sloppy or not compliant with the dress code.

Treasurer’s Report

The Board reviewed Dexter Navarro’s School finances report for the 2015-2016 school year. The report will be available on the school website.

Meeting adjourned

Jeffrey Padia adjourned the meeting at 8:18 pm.

Next meeting October 20, 2016 at 6:30 PM in the Teacher’s Lounge

Current School Board Minutes  School Board Minutes Archive