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Social Studies

The focus of our social studies curriculum is to foster an appreciation of the student’s local environment as well as an understanding of the world’s cultures, geography and history. Our program combines knowledge, skills and citizenship to provide integrated instruction, stressing the use of maps, graphs, and reference materials.


Students are given a variety of learning experiences in earth, physical and biological sciences through which they develop the inquiry and critical thinking skills needed in all phases of their lives. Students in grades 3-8 experience a hands-on/lab approach to science, and 6th grade students participate in a week of outdoor education.

Language Arts

The language arts program is an integral part of the curriculum from Kindergarten through eighth grade. A variety of teaching methodologies is used to ensure that the students receive a strong background in phonics, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, creative writing, literature, and basic English grammar.


The mathematics curriculum begins with a firm foundation in pre-math skills with hands-on activities such as sorting, comparing, estimating and counting. Throughout the grades, this foundation is reinforced with basic computational skills and problem solving for everyday situations and culminates with algebra.

Special Needs

At St. Robert, we believe in educating each child as an individual. Due to the differing educational needs of each student, a resource teacher supplements the curriculum for small groups of students enabling them to experience success at school. Additionally, an Educational Psychologist provides consultation for teachers, parents and students in developing an appropriate academic program for students with special needs.

Fine Arts

Students in grades K-6 are introduced to melodies, harmonies and rhythms by an experienced music teacher. Additionally, Kidstock, an outsourced drama program, offers all students an opportunity to develop their creative abilities as well as their self-esteem.