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Faculty and Staff

Administrative Contacts

Title Name Email Address
Pastor Rev. Arnold Zamora contact parish office
Principal Mr. Edgar Ceja
Office Manager Mrs. Eileen Grealish

Faculty Contacts

Title Name
Kindergarten Mrs. Kathie Laupati
1st Grade Mrs. Daphne Ruiz Luzuriaga
2nd Grade Mrs. Joanne Nolan
3rd Grade Mrs. Pauline Sanchez
4th Grade Ms. Julie Doyle
5th and 6th grade language arts Ms. Smriti Guliani Setia
6th Grade Mrs. Noreen McCullagh
7th Grade Mr. Adam Currier and Mr. Andrew Rosenstein
8th Grade Ms. Xandra Nemchik
Religious Director and Instructor Mr. Edgar Ceja
Jr. High Science and 5th/6th Grade Math Mrs. Ann Clifford
Technology Administrator Mr. Andrew Rosenstein
Junior High Math Mr. Andrew Rosenstein
Junior High English Mr. Adam Currier
Resource Teachers Mrs. Stephanie Nerney and Mr. Darin Little
After School Performing Music Program Mr. G.P. Eleria
Kindergarten Aide Mrs. Yvette Kinchen
1st Grade Aide Mrs. Jackie Tarazi
2nd Grade Aide Mrs. Laurie Donohue
3rd Grade Aide Mrs. Yvette Walker
4th Grade Aide Mrs. Bonnie Edwards
Jr. High Science Aide Mrs. Bonnie Edwards
Extended Care Director Mrs. Mary McDonagh
Spanish and Substitute Teacher Ms. Maria Ortiz