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Middle School

Our middle school teachers are committed to educating a deep respect for God, intellectual values, and humanity. Our teachers inspire our students to demonstrate those values of our student learning expectations, respectful Christians who are effective communicators, accountable citizens, and lifelong learners,(R.E.A.L. Kids), whose lives are filled with purpose, to serve, lead, and impact our society and world.

Our program is designed to serve the needs of all our boys and girls during their years of development and growth by teaching them that failure is the step to success, to take risks and to satisfy their curiosity, while developing into confident young people who are resilient, faithful, and confident leaders. Our teachers meet with our students every day to develop relationships, build community, and to plan their growth.

Our Middle School teachers teach our students that inquiry and engagement fosters a true understanding of a subject. In science, math, English, social studies, and most importantly religion, our students are taught to question assumptions and apply what they have learned to the world around them. Education is not stagnant; it is exciting, interactive, and applicable. Our students have hands-on interactive, inquiry based curriculum, that teach our students to exercise purpose by understanding themselves and their failures and accomplishments. Our kids are truly R.E.A.L. Kids.