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Primary Grades

Our primary grades inspire a lifelong love of Christ, giving, and learning. Saint Robert School’s primary grades, kindergarten through fourth grade, is a place where our students learn from their environment, from their educational experiences, and from each other -- these grades create a place where childhood dreams and memories are made.

All our students develop a personal and active relationship with God. Our students learn that people need others and that a strong community is built upon love and care. Our students are guided by a community that models respect, intellect, compassion, and generosity. They learn that Christ is not a mere word, but He encompasses justice, grace, and compassion. Our students begin the journey of becoming compassionate leaders. They begin to understand, through their interactions with each other and the community, that genuine love is serving others. They learn to respect God, to effectively communicate to each other, to be accountable for their words and their deeds, and to enjoy learning as R.E.A.L. Kids. As a child of God, our students learn to be alert to the needs of others and to have a deeper understanding of what service means, genuine love taking the form of action. Examples of this service are nurses, doctors, police, fire personnel, educators, business owners, professors, musicians, the branches of service, politicians, lay people of our Church, sisters of the religious, priests and so many more. Our community reflects people who serve.

Lastly, the early elementary years of all students are extremely important in children's emotional and academic growth. Our faculty and staff know that children acquire new skills and knowledge rapidly during a student's early childhood education. Further, our students learn to grow as part of a giving community. Research shows that the average annual learning gains for children in grades kindergarten through second grade are dramatically greater than those for subsequent years of school. St Robert School has Master teachers, a learning specialist, and a reading specialist that focus on ensuring dramatic academic and personal growth during our children’s early years. Moreover the outcomes of early elementary education, particularly whether or not a child can read proficiently by third grade, are powerful predictors of later school outcomes. Longitudinal studies have shown that students who acquire number sense in the lower grades are generally very successful in math later in school, high school and college. Saint Robert School knows that the primary grades are key to long term academic and social growth.