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Student Learning Expectations - R.E.A.L. KIDS

Respectful Christians

  • I have a relationship with Jesus through prayer, scripture and service.
  • I show I am a disciple of Jesus through my words and actions.
  • I respect myself, others, and all of God's creation.

Effective Communicators

  • I express my ideas, feelings and opinions in a positive way.
  • I listen respectfully to the ideas, feelings, and opinions of others.
  • I use conflict resolution to solve my problems.
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Accountable Citizens

  • I am aware of my responsibility to my school, community, and world environment.
  • I take responsibility for my words, actions, and choices.
  • I treat others fairly and equally.

Lifelong Learners

  • I am curious and excited about learning.
  • I am prepared and organized to complete assignments and reach my goals.
  • I work independently and cooperatively with others.